Welcome to TheCrusaders

Freedom, Friendship and Fun Times

Work is always ongoing on revamping the website.

If you wish to join us please read Rules and Policies,  fill in an application and register on our guild forums by using the appropriate link.

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We are guild with more than 16 years of online gaming history and more if you include offline games.

We first came together in The Legend of Mir 2 as a guild called SoulSeekers, remaking ourselves as TheCrusaders and progressed to quite a few other games over the years.

We like to have fun, which is good as we are a fun bunch to be with.

We strive to help others and our reputation as a good, honorable and trustworthy guild precedes us.

We are more like an online family accepting all ages into the fold.

Always welcoming new friends in, whilst some of us are beginning to gather dust.

And you don’t need to be a hardcore gamer to join us as we have a range of members with different play styles.

We like to use mumble but it’s not enforced

We are mainly English but are happy to accept members who use English as a second language and we are not limited to European players. We have a good range of international members.

You won’t find any play time quotas, extensive guild taxes, mandatory events, or drama-laden infighting here. Obviously events are organised as and when they are needed. We’ll do dungeons, skirmishes and challenge content as it’s added, not afraid to tackle the challenges set out in front of us.

We don’t cheat, we don’t exploit, we don’t abuse mechanics. We’re here to play the games we play together and build friendships.


Our forums and facebook group are the core elements of our guild community as we have members playing different games on pc and consoles. We also have a steam group.

We can be found on the ESO EU Server in the Aldmeri Dominion